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Entirety noun – The quality or state of being without restriction, exception, or qualification.
Members is an antonym for entirety.
Nearby Words: entire, entirely
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Defintions of Members not found.
Entirety is an antonym for members in appendage topic.
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  • Superpower Lottery Basically the entirety of Team Kimba is this, with even the less powerful members having some aspect that can blow away most competition.
  • Gender Equals Breed There are no named members of Fox tribe, which was killed in its entirety before the start of the series, but the only Fox character discussed and described was female.
  • Video Game / Sonic Lost World Bleak Level: Nearly the entirety of Lava Mountain has Sonic fighting all the members of the Deadly Six alone, due to Eggman (supposedly) falling to his death, Tails being kidnapped and forcibly turned into a robot, and Amy and Knuckles succumbing to the Deadly Six's energy-draining machine.
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