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Epithet noun – A descriptive or familiar name given instead of or in addition to the one belonging to an individual.
Names is a synonym for epithet. In some cases you can replace term "Names" with "Epithet", this nouns are similar.
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Names noun – Verbal abuse; a crude substitute for argument.
Epithet is a synonym for names in someone topic. You can use "Epithet" instead a noun "Names".
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Both words in one sentence

  • Giantish last names (at least) are clearly mostly of the Earn Your Title or epithet variety rather than inherited, as Honninscrave and Seadreamer are actually brothers.
  • I Have Many Names All the House of Finwë have a fair share of names for that matter (father name + mother name + Sindarin name + Old English name...not to mention a standard epithet, ex, Caranthir the Dark or Celegorm the Fair).
  • Literature / Brave New World I Have Many Names: Ford is stated to go by "Freud" in psychological contexts, as if the name were a godly epithet.
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