Equal and Unlike


Equal adjective - Resembling another in every respect.
Usage example: as far as I can see, except for the high price, the store-brand jacket is equal to the jacket with the designer label

Unlike is an antonym for equal in topics: identical, alike, fair.

Nearby Words: equalize, equalise, equable, equate, equity


Unlike adjective - Being not of the same kind.
Usage example: you're trying to compare very unlike things—like those proverbial apples and oranges

Equal is an antonym for unlike.

Both words in one sentence

  • Unlike Steven and Connie, Pearl clearly did not see Rose as an equal, but somebody greater than her.
  • Unlike most modern potrayals of them though, Satan is not God's equal, and is infinitely weaker than God as much as other creations are below him.
  • Start My Own Unlike Oxford and Cambridge, it was entirely secular and allowed women in on an equal footing with men, inspired by the (then) radical philosophies of Jeremy Bentham.
    Source: Start My Own
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