Especially and Strictly speaking


Especially adverb - In the specific case of one person or thing as distinguished from others.

Strictly speaking and especially are semantically related In some cases you can use "Strictly speaking" instead an adverb "Especially".

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Strictly speaking

Strictly speaking adverb - In actual fact.

Especially and strictly speaking are semantically related in namely topic. You can use "Especially" instead an adverb phrase "Strictly speaking", if it concerns topics such as that is to say.

Both terms in one sentence

  • Seadog Beard While not strictly speaking sea dogs, many of the Sky Pirates in The Edge Chronicles have beards of this nature, especially Tem Barkwater.
    Source: Seadog Beard
  • Literature / A Series of Unfortunate Events Abusive Parents: Not parents, strictly speaking, but many guardians are thoroughly unsuitable, especially Olaf.
  • May–December Romance While strictly speaking a Mayfly-December Romance, the feeling of this trope is impossible to avoid in The Sharing Knife books by Lois McMaster Bujold, especially when 18-year-old Fawn Bluefield takes 55-year-old Dag Redwing home to her 53-year old father... and insists on marrying him.
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