Eternity and Moment


Eternity noun - A long or seemingly long period of time.
Usage example: we waited in line for tickets for an eternity

Moment is an antonym for eternity in time topic.

Nearby Words: eternal, eternally, eternize


Moment noun - A very small space of time.
Usage example: I'll be there in just a moment

Eternity is an antonym for moment in age topic.

How words are described

long long eternity long moment
bad bad eternity bad moment

Both words in one sentence

  • Creator / Bill Bryson For the tiniest moment in the span of eternity you have the miraculous privilege to exist.
  • In the Japanese film After Life, it is the job of the afterlife workers to help the recently deceased to identify the happiest moment in their life and film a re-enactment of it, and when the subject watches the film they enter that moment for an eternity.
  • The Power of Love With people like Remilia (power over fate), Kaguya (power over the eternity and the moment) and Suika (power to manipulate density), it's only a matter of time until a literal power of love incident breaks out.
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