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Event noun – Something that happens.
Usage example: dinnertime was devoted to talking over the day's events, not to watching television

Episode is a synonym for event in occurrence topic. In some cases you can use "Episode" instead a noun "Event", when it comes to topics like incident, happening, affair, happen. popular alternative
Nearby Words: eventual, eventful, eventuality, eventless
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Episode noun – Something that happens.
Usage example: the episode in which the Native American Samoset walked into Plymouth Plantation and surprised the Pilgrims with the greeting, “Welcome, Englishman”

Event is a synonym for episode in incident topic. You can use "Event" instead a noun "Episode", if it concerns topics such as happening, affair, adventure, happen. popular alternative
Nearby Words: episodic, episodically
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special special event special episode
particular particular event particular episode
similar similar event similar episode
complete complete event complete episode
Other adjectives: certain, future, original, single, actual, entire, real, infamous, important, new, major, final, later, next, last, recent, earlier, previous.
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