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Matter and events are semantically related. in occurrence topic. In some cases you can use "Matter" instead a noun "Events".
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Matter noun – A major object of interest or concern (as in a discussion or artistic composition).
Events and matter are semantically related. Sometimes you can use "Events" instead a noun "Matter".
Nearby Words: mattered, mattery, mattering
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  • Angst? What Angst? No matter what they witness, no one ever asks to leave if they aren't directly affected by events, and the Audience Surrogate is having the time of his life.
  • Video Game / Deus Ex: Human Revolution Not only that, but no matter which of the Multiple Endings Adam chooses, the events of Deus Ex still come to pass.
  • Film / King Kong vs. Godzilla He lives on a place called Faro Island instead of Skull Island, and the events of the original King Kong (1933) are never brought up- nor those of The Son Of Kong, for that matter.
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