Evict and House


Evict verb - Expel or eject without recourse to legal process.

House is an antonym for evict.

Nearby Words: eviction, evicting


House verb - To provide with living quarters or shelter.
Usage example: some of the freshmen were temporarily housed in local motels while the new dorm was being finished

Evict is an antonym for house.

Common collocations

soul evict soul house soul
spirit evict spirit house spirit
people evict people house people
family evict family house family
Other words: creature, prisoner, refugees.

Both words in one sentence

  • Series / Alpha House Cliffhanger: Season two ends with Bettencourt's recount up in the air and Louise deciding that she and Lola are going to live in the house again (which would evict the other senators).
  • At the end, he wires his house with explosives, gets into a gun fight with the police who try to evict him, then blows up the house while he's still inside.
  • Except the final three were given the chance to evict somebody from the jury house to bring it down to nine, and removing a person from the game even moreso than when they were first evicted.
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