Evidence and Guess


Evidence noun - Something presented in support of the truth or accuracy of a claim.
Usage example: do you have any evidence that this bike is yours?

Guess is an antonym for evidence.


Guess noun - An opinion or judgment based on little or no evidence.

Evidence is an antonym for guess.

Nearby Words: guessed, guessing

How words are described

good good evidence good guess
best best evidence best guess
current current evidence current guess
obvious obvious evidence obvious guess
Other adjectives: actual, real, wrong, little, further.

Common collocations

part evidence part guess part
time evidence time guess time
way evidence way guess way
size evidence size guess size
Other words: events, wins.

Both words in one sentence

  • If they correctly guess as themselves, congratulations, you just hid the evidence and are off scott-free!
  • The third bad ending can be avoided only if you can guess the true murderer in three tries, with very little evidence.
  • Enhance Button This would put doubt on its use as legitimate evidence since, at most, the computer was making a guess - but of course, the person implicated does turn out to be the villain.
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