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Exactly adverb – To a full extent or degree.
Usage example: she listened to the advice, then did exactly what she wanted to anyway

Quite is a synonym for exactly in exclamation topic. In some cases you can use "Quite" instead an adverb "Exactly", when it comes to topics like precisely, manner, amount, all. popular alternative
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Quite adverb – To a full extent or degree.
Usage example: are you quite sure you have permission to go?

Exactly is a synonym for quite in manner topic. You can use "Exactly" instead an adverb "Quite", if it concerns topics such as amount, all, entirely, completely. popular alternative
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  • Film / Brotherhood of the Wolf It's never quite clear what exactly happens on his mind, but he looks quite psychotic and certainly wants her.
  • Manga / Kannagi The strength of Always Female means these tropes aren't quite played quite straight: for example, although he was needy and a crybaby in the past, he was also short-tempered and not exactly The Ditz.
  • Because the authors made it quite clear that we would have done exactly the same thing to them if our roles had been reversed.
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