Exceptional and Mediocre


Exceptional adjective - Being out of the ordinary.

Mediocre is an antonym for exceptional in topics: remarkable, irregular, excellent.


Mediocre adjective - Of average to below average quality.
Usage example: your grades are mediocre and barely acceptable

Exceptional is an antonym for mediocre in average topic.

Nearby Word: mediocrity

Both words in one sentence

  • Video Game / World of Tanks What saves it from being a mediocre tank is its top gun, the 90mm DCA 30, which has high penetration for tier V, deals exceptional damage, and has fairly good accuracy to boot.
  • Tabletop Game / Kingdom Death Common Place Rare: Founding Stones are mediocre melee weapons that possess an exceptional ability of being a one-off throwing weapon with an automatic hit and critical damage with unlimited range.
  • The "amnesia" excuse shows up to explain why you, the ex-Dark Lord and galaxy-feared Badass are unpowered and a rather pathetic fighter for a few levels and also further explains why your "exceptional" compatriots seem so mediocre in comparison.
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