Exceptional and Outstanding


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Exceptional adjective – Being out of the ordinary.
Usage example: an exceptional amount of snow fell in March

Outstanding is a synonym for exceptional in better topic. In some cases you can use "Outstanding" instead an adjective "Exceptional", when it comes to topics like excellent, remarkable, extraordinary. popular alternative
Nearby Words: exception, exceptionally, exceptionable, exceptionality, exceptive
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Outstanding adjective – Not yet paid.
Exceptional is a synonym for outstanding in excellent topic. You can use "Exceptional" instead an adjective "Outstanding", if it concerns topics such as better, superior, remarkable, extraordinary. popular alternative
Nearby Word: outstandingly
Synonyms for Outstanding

Things that words describes

ability exceptional ability outstanding ability
skill exceptional skill outstanding skill
talent exceptional talent outstanding talent
quality exceptional quality outstanding quality
Other nouns: character, power, strength, work, performance, beauty, member, amount, moment, case, example, record, nothing, pilot, success, fighter, player, contributions, individuals, skills, powers, abilities.

Both words in one sentence

  • What makes Take Refuge outstanding is its exceptional psychological credibility that captures the readers’ attention and makes them empathize with the characters of a brilliant hurt/comfort story.
  • Useful Notes / The Sound of Martial Music They could always field a decent army, but rarely a Badass Army, though exceptional generals like Tilly, Eugene of Savoy, or Archduke Charles of Austria-Teschen occasionally won outstanding victories.
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