Exceptionally and Slightly


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Exceptionally adverb – To an exceptional degree.
Slightly is an antonym for exceptionally.
Nearby Words: exceptional, exception, exceptionable, exceptionality


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Slightly adverb – In a very small quantity or degree.
Usage example: he was slightly curious about the identity of the wine, but not enough to bother asking

Exceptionally is an antonym for slightly.
Nearby Word: slight
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Similar words of slightly
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Both words in one sentence

  • Squad Leader Hange Zoë is a would-be Fluffy Tamer, but also an exceptionally capable (if slightly mad) scientist and field commander.
  • The only thing that made her slightly buzzed was an exceptionally strong drink called God's Breath.
  • Baby Planet Albion. The titular planet is considerably smaller than Earth, but is mostly made up of exceptionally heavy metal, making the planet's mass just slightly smaller than Earth's.
    Source: Baby Planet
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