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Exceptionally adverb – To an exceptional degree.
Unusually is a synonym for exceptionally in usual topic. In some cases you can use "Unusually" instead an adverb "Exceptionally", when it comes to topics like inordinately. popular alternative
Nearby Words: exceptional, exception, exceptionable, exceptionality
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Unusually adverb – To a remarkable degree or extent.
Exceptionally is a synonym for unusually in usual topic. You can use "Exceptionally" instead an adverb "Unusually", if it concerns topics such as inordinately. popular alternative
Nearby Word: unusual
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  • Literature / The Laundry Series Single word codenames are exceptionally unusual, but whether this implies she is unusually important or not has not yet been revealed.
  • The main character himself in Bleach, who attracts the demons he fights due to his exceptionally strong spiritual presence, as well as Karakura City itself, which for whatever reason has an unusually high concentration of spiritual energy.
  • Younger Than They Look Bart Allen (aka Impulse, then Kid Flash, then The Flash) in The DCU aged unusually quickly for the first few years of his life due to an exceptionally fast metabolism.
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