Exciting and Thrilling


Exciting adjective - Causing great emotional or mental stimulation.
Usage example: an exciting, come-from-behind victory for the underdogs in the last game of the World Series

Thrilling is a synonym for exciting in active topic. In some cases you can use "Thrilling" instead an adjective "Exciting", when it comes to topics like stimulating, breathtaking, inspiring, enthralling. popular alternative


Thrilling adjective - Causing great emotional or mental stimulation.
Usage example: a thrilling adventure movie

Exciting is a synonym for thrilling in active topic. You can use "Exciting" instead an adjective "Thrilling", if it concerns topics such as breathtaking, enthralling. popular alternative

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Both words in one sentence

  • There are some pretty thrilling and exciting plot twists, as well as some laughs and tears.
  • The main characters realize that as thrilling and exciting as their adventures and lifestyles were, they have to accept the fact that they're over and they need to move on.
    Source: End of an Age
  • Large Ham Announcer Adding a classic sports play-by-play or color-commentary announcer, or a movie trailer-type announcer is an easy way to make anything more dramatic, more exciting, more thrilling.
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