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Exclude verb – To prevent the participation, consideration, or inclusion of.
Number is an antonym for exclude.
Nearby Words: exclusion, excluding, excluder, excludable
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Number verb – To have as part of a whole.
Usage example: is numbered among the great minds of our times

Exclude is an antonym for number.
Nearby Words: numberless, numbered, numbering
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Similar words of exclude
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Similar words of number
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Common collocations

characters exclude characters number characters
magic exclude magic number magic
women exclude women number women
lands exclude lands number lands

Both words in one sentence

  • Bling of War After his death, a number of award regulations were changed to specifically exclude the awards being granted for things such as birthdays, and his Order of Victory was outright revoked.
    Source: Bling of War
  • Obvious Rule Patch Thus we now define primality in ways that are less intuitive but exclude 1, such as "a number with exactly two factors" (and hence, 0 is right out).
  • Overly Narrow Superlative Car companies do this all the time, stating that their vehicle is "Best in Class," then defining the class to exclude other vehicles above a certain weight, or size, or number of seats, and so forth.
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