Existence and Life


Existence noun - The fact of being or of being real.
Usage example: the existence of UFO's is something that people continue to argue about

Life is a synonym for existence in live topic. In some cases you can use "Life" instead a noun "Existence", when it comes to topics like state, creation, reality, way of life. popular alternative

Nearby Words: exist, existent, existing, existential


Life noun - The condition of living or the state of being alive.
Usage example: life depends on many chemical and physical processes

Existence is a synonym for life in being topic. You can use "Existence" instead a noun "Life", if it concerns topics such as live, state, duration, lifetime. popular alternative

Nearby Words: lifeless, lifetime, lifer, lifeline

How words are described

human human existence human life
mortal mortal existence mortal life
full full existence full life
long long existence long life
Other adjectives: better, normal, short, perfect, alien, current, simple, entire, real, miserable, quiet, happy, comfortable, peaceful, new, everyday, past, former, mundane, eternal, next, immortal, previous.

Both words in one sentence

  • Inconvenient Summons This trope can be seen as something of a deconstruction of the idea that the summoned character has no life or existence while un-summoned.
  • His former best friend Taisuke punched through the not-really-there body a couple time before he accepted this, and had to do some serious leveling on his heat/life/existence power in order to stop Hiroshi from destroying the world.
  • Web Animation / Quest Of Laizen Then all the principal characters indulge in Fauxlosophic Narration about the nature of life and existence or something.
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