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Expand verb – To make greater in size, amount, or number.
Usage example: we had to expand the list of wedding guests several times in order to accommodate all the relatives Mother wouldn't dream of excluding

Lower is an antonym for expand in topics: extend, go into detail.
Nearby Words: expanded, expanse, expansion, expansive, expanding
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Lower verb – To go to a lower level especially abruptly.
Usage example: prices of the new type of televisions lowered considerably as competition and sales increased

Expand is an antonym for lower in reduce topic.
Nearby Words: lowered, lowering, lowermost, lowercase
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Common collocations

bit expand bit lower bit
game expand game lower game

Both words in one sentence

  • The trope has evolved to expand to a wider area now; these celebs are popular in Metropolitan Borough of Bolton, Metropolitan Borough of Sefton, Liverpool, Greater Manchester, Watford and London Borough of Hillingdon as well, but elsewhere in the UK retain a lower profile.
  • To expand, if you play the Good Route, and suppress the thing, and only use it against the undead, then your craving will be far lower, and you will lose spirit points much, much more slowly, which is incredibly helpful during several very lengthy parts of the game with little to feed on.
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