Experience and Happening


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Experience noun – An exciting or noteworthy event that one experiences firsthand.
Usage example: related in a book his experiences as a roving correspondent for network TV news

Happening is a synonym for experience in event topic. In some cases you can use "Happening" instead a noun "Experience", when it comes to topics like incident. popular alternative
Nearby Words: expert, experienced, experiment, experiential, experiencing
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Happening noun – An exciting or noteworthy event that one experiences firsthand.
Usage example: the President's visit to the school was a real happening for teachers and students alike

Experience is a synonym for happening in occurrence topic. You can use "Experience" instead a noun "Happening", if it concerns topics such as event. popular alternative
Nearby Words: happen, happened
Synonyms for Happening

How words are described

good good experience good happening
little little experience little happening
bad bad experience bad happening
terrible terrible experience terrible happening
Other adjectives: strange.

Both words in one sentence

  • Halfway through the story both counterparts experience a Flash Sideways, showing what's happening in the Alternate Reality of the Mirror Universe.
  • Comic Book / Civil War II The issue here of course is that this isn't how its depicted in the main series; rather, he's shown instead seeing a random flash of a future event, during which he appears to experience it as if its actually happening.
  • Psychic Link On occasions when he is in pain or danger, Rachel seems to experience similar symptoms simultaneously, despite having no knowledge of where he is or what is happening to him.
    Source: Psychic Link
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