Experienced and Unskilled


Experienced adjective - Having or showing exceptional knowledge, experience, or skill in a field of endeavor.
Usage example: for this delicate eye operation, seek out an experienced eye surgeon

Unskilled is an antonym for experienced in knowledgeable topic.

Nearby Words: experience, experiencing


Unskilled adjective - Lacking or showing a lack of expert skill.
Usage example: an unskilled handling of the facial features in the portrait explains why it is attributed to “school of Velázquez” and not to the master himself

Experienced is an antonym for unskilled in untrained topic.

Nearby Words: unskillful, unskilful, unskilfully

Both words in one sentence

  • Why, the youngest (or most seriously aged), the least experienced, the most unskilled, the weakest member of the group.
  • Manga / Zettai Karen Children Unskilled, but Strong: The girls' relative lack of training or combat experience frequently puts them at a disadvantage against weaker but more experienced espers.
  • Comic Book / H'el on Earth Unskilled, but Strong: When Wonder Woman fights Supergirl, she remarks that while they are closely matched in strength and speed, she is much more experienced and skilled while Supergirl lashes out with no thought or strategy.
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