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Explain verb – To make plain or understandable.
Twist is an antonym for explain.
Nearby Words: explanation, explained, explaining, explicable, explainable
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Twist verb – To change so much as to create a wrong impression or alter the meaning of.
Usage example: my enemies will twist my words, but you'll only hear the truth out of me

Explain is an antonym for twist in topics: curl, misrepresent.
Nearby Words: twisted, twisting, twister, twisty
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Similar words of twist
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Common collocations

power explain power twist power
part explain part twist part
stuff explain stuff twist stuff
nature explain nature twist nature
Other nouns: time, way, characters, bit, story, meaning, concept, history, rules, events.

Both words in one sentence

  • TRON: Legacy: Probably a factor in why Clu decided to twist Tron into Rinzler instead of just kill him outright.. It might also explain the "something special" in mind for Quorra.
  • The twist in that case being that Jack is passing himself off as the son of her former lover (himself), apparently not wanting to explain his immortality to her.
    Source: New Old Flame
  • The twist was apparently meant to explain why Terry and his brother Matt have black hair while their parents are a red headed man and a brunette woman but ultimately leaves bigger questions.
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