Extend and Retract


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Extend verb – To put before another for acceptance or consideration.
Usage example: the couple extended an invitation to join them for a get-together at their house after the concert

Retract is an antonym for extend.
Nearby Words: extended, extent, extensive, extension, extending
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Retract verb – To solemnly or formally reject or go back on (as something formerly adhered to).
Extend is an antonym for retract.
Nearby Words: retraction, retracted, retracting, retractation, retraced
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Similar words of extend
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Similar words of retract
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Common collocations

kindness extend kindness retract kindness
arm extend arm retract arm
body extend body retract body
way extend way retract way
Other nouns: bit, story, underground, bridge, claws, arms, hands, neck, limbs, seconds.

Both words in one sentence

  • Blade Below the Shoulder It is embedded in the wrist of her Powered Armor and can extend or retract at will.
  • Arm Cannon Every robot or cyborg character on Gargoyles has a retractable particle beam gun in its forearm, with an almost identical extend/retract mechanism.
    Source: Arm Cannon
  • A room featuring three pillars which can extend or retract and stand between the entrance and a window to the exit high up on the opposite end of the room.
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