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Unusually is a synonym for extraordinarily in usual topic. In some cases you can use "Unusually" instead an adverb "Extraordinarily", when it comes to topics like remarkably. popular alternative
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Unusually adverb – To a remarkable degree or extent.
Extraordinarily is a synonym for unusually in usual topic. You can use "Extraordinarily" instead an adverb "Unusually", if it concerns topics such as extremely. popular alternative
Nearby Word: unusual
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  • Agent Bester expresses an interest in Lyta's body (after she's died and finished using it, with her consent... unusually reasonable, really) after being Touched by Vorlons made her an extraordinarily powerful telepath.
  • Fanfic / Oneiroi Series Insane Equals Violent: The only completely bonkers character so far has been extraordinarily violent and unusually high-functioning for such a serious schizophrenia case.
  • Wide-Eyed Idealist Unusually, she wasn't disillusioned within the book — Thrawn lied about what he had done to resolve an extraordinarily prickly conflict, letting her leave without knowing just how much of a Downer Ending the whole issue became. Why?
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