Extraordinary and Strange


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Extraordinary adjective – Being out of the ordinary.
Usage example: the marine is being cited for extraordinary courage

Strange is a synonym for extraordinary in notable topic. In some cases you can use "Strange" instead an adjective "Extraordinary", when it comes to topics like irregular, wonderful, fabulous, unusual. popular alternative
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Strange adjective – Different from the ordinary in a way that causes curiosity or suspicion.
Usage example: the strange smell we'd noticed turned out, unhappily, to be from the dinner our host was making

Extraordinary is a synonym for strange in unusual topic. You can use "Extraordinary" instead an adjective "Strange", if it concerns topics such as notable, irregular, wonderful, fabulous. popular alternative
Nearby Words: strangeness, stranger, strangely
Synonyms for Strange

Things that words describes

person extraordinary person strange person
girl extraordinary girl strange girl
ability extraordinary ability strange ability
power extraordinary power strange power
Other nouns: man, people, men, case, example, world, circumstances, story, voice, magic, nothing, events, powers, creatures, abilities, adventures, beings, situations.

Both words in one sentence

  • Prehistoric Monster This series tells the extraordinary story of life before the dinosaurs, a time when strange and savage creatures forth a ruthless battle to rule the Earth.
  • Jack defeats this robot, only to find another strange visitor: an Emissary who will take him to a secret country that serves as a refuge for the extraordinary: the Imagine Nation.
  • The Collector of the Strange: A one-person Artifact Collection Agency who collects the extraordinary for his/her own enjoyment.
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