Extreme and Undue


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Extreme adjective – Going beyond a normal or acceptable limit in degree or amount.
Usage example: in their extreme zeal the members of the cult are willing to do whatever their leader dictates

Undue is a synonym for extreme in excess topic. In some cases you can use "Undue" instead an adjective "Extreme".
Nearby Words: extremely, extremity, extremist, extremism, extremeness
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Undue adjective – Going beyond a normal or acceptable limit in degree or amount.
Usage example: try to avoid undue delay responding to e-mails

Extreme is a synonym for undue in excessive topic. You can use "Extreme" instead the word "Undue" as an adjective or a noun, if it concerns topics such as excess.
Nearby Word: unduly
Synonyms for Undue

Things that words describes

loyalty extreme loyalty undue loyalty
emotion extreme emotion undue emotion
pleasure extreme pleasure undue pleasure
power extreme power undue power
Other nouns: force, pressure, stress, amount, degree, damage, pain, frustration.

Both words in one sentence

  • Never Suicide Taken to its parodic extreme in Hitman Miami; at one point, in order to avoid the police's undue attention, 47 has to forge suicide notes for every single dead body in a villa (and there are a lot).
    Source: Never Suicide
  • Since this could give a person undue influence with the all-powerful Computer, it's also the one mutation that, if found out, will get you and your clone family terminated and your gene template erased with extreme prejudice.
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