Eyeglasses and Pince-nez


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Eyeglasses noun – A pair of lenses set in a frame that is held in place with ear supports and which are usually worn to correct vision.
Usage example: uses her eyeglasses only for reading

Pince-nez and eyeglasses are semantically related in glasses topic. In some cases you can use "Pince-nez" instead a noun "Eyeglasses".
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Pince-nez noun – Spectacles clipped to the nose by a spring.
Eyeglasses and pince-nez are semantically related in object worn to correct vision topic. You can use "Eyeglasses" instead a noun phrase "Pince-nez".
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  • High-Class Glass But while eyeglasses have never been anything more than a medical appliance (with the possible exception of the pince-nez), the monocle has been a status symbol virtually since its invention.
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