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Face noun – The front part of the head.
Snout and face are semantically related in nose topic. In some cases you can use "Snout" instead a noun "Face".
Nearby Words: faced, facing, facer, faceless
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Snout noun – The part of the face bearing the nostrils and nasal cavity.
Face and snout are semantically related in nose topic. Sometimes you can use "Face" instead a noun "Snout", if it concerns topics such as muzzle.
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How words are described

human human face human snout
long long face long snout
similar similar face similar snout
round round face round snout
Other adjectives: rounded, large, big, huge, little, yellow.

Both words in one sentence

  • Animal Facial Hair Many of the male characters in Lackadaisy have patterns in their fur that look like facial hair (Victor's snout/face is brighter and looks like a goatee + mustache, for instance.)
  • Knuckles is an echidna, but because his spikes look more like styled hair, he hardly has a snout, and has a jellybean like nose that's close to face, it wouldn't be too hard to mistake him for a "hedgehog".
  • Transformation Sequence The original villain Janos Skorzeny's transformation involved pulling the flesh of his face off, revealing a fur-covered face beneath, which would then grow a snout and fangs.
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