Failure and Inadequacy


Failure noun - A falling short of one's goals.
Usage example: the failure of the school's fund-raising drive was a big disappointment to all

Inadequacy is a synonym for failure in deficiency topic. In some cases you can use "Inadequacy" instead a noun "Failure", when it comes to topics like scarcity, lack of success. popular alternative

Nearby Words: fail, failing, failed


Inadequacy noun - A falling short of an essential or desirable amount or number.
Usage example: the inadequacy of our servings was soon apparent, as hungry guests started clamoring for seconds

Failure is a synonym for inadequacy in deficiency topic. You can use "Failure" instead a noun "Inadequacy". popular alternative

Nearby Words: inadequate, inadequately

How words are described

personal personal failure personal inadequacy

Both words in one sentence

  • HSD involves a character's feelings of inadequacy, often when confronted with a seemingly insurmountable task or haunted by a previous failure.
  • He himself an unquenchable Control Freak driven by inadequacy and overwhelming fear of failure provoked by his personal issues.
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