Failure and Luck


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Failure noun – The nonperformance of an assigned or expected action.
Luck is an antonym for failure in success topic.
Nearby Words: fail, failing, failed
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Luck noun – Success that is partly the result of chance.
Usage example: some people have all the luck

Failure is an antonym for luck in topics: bad luck, good fortune.
Nearby Words: lucky, luckless, luckily, luckiness, lucking
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Similar words of failure
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Similar words of luck
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How words are described

complete complete failure complete luck
constant constant failure constant luck
massive massive failure massive luck
big big failure big luck
Other adjectives: abysmal, extreme, great, serious, horrible, absolute, personal, possible, random, financial.

Both words in one sentence

  • Gambit Roulette It also helps give you a reputation for blind luck and failure if you need people to think you're less competent than you really are.
  • Western Animation / Robot and Monster Polar Opposite Brothers: Robot is cranky but nice, full of bad luck, hardworking, and can tolerate failure, while Gart is calm but mean, full of good luck, lazy (He's the owner of a successful company), and can't tolerate even the most trivial failure.
  • Luck-Based Mission A particularly repellent form of Luck Based Mission is one where the game mocks you for failure.
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