Failure and Smash


Failure noun - Something that has failed.
Usage example: the students' first attempt to build a homemade rocket was a disappointing failure

Smash is an antonym for failure.

Nearby Words: fail, failing, failed


Smash noun - A person or thing that is successful.
Usage example: the new Broadway musical is a smash

Failure is an antonym for smash in great success topic.

Nearby Words: smashed, smashing, smasher, smashable

How words are described

special special failure special smash
similar similar failure similar smash
instant instant failure instant smash
critical critical failure critical smash
Other adjectives: single, actual, constant, massive, big, huge, past, latest, commercial, financial.

Both words in one sentence

  • Useful Notes / Sega Dreamcast Surprisingly after the Saturn's failure outside of Japan, the Dreamcast launch was a smash hit in North America, with more sales in the first months of its existence than any console before it.
  • Blown Across the Room Arguably, it's game-defining enough to make it goofily enjoyable in its own right despite its failure to emulate Smash.
  • Bowser's charges are read something along the lines of "Participating in a Smash match, multiple attempts to abduct Princess Peach, and failure to appear for jury duty."
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