Failure and Triumph


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Failure noun – The nonperformance of an assigned or expected action.
Triumph is an antonym for failure in lack of success topic.
Nearby Words: fail, failing, failed
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Triumph noun – A successful result brought about by hard work.
Usage example: getting into Harvard is quite a triumph

Failure is an antonym for triumph in topics: victory, extreme happiness.
Nearby Words: triumphant, triumphed, triumphantly, triumphal, triumphing
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Similar words of failure
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Similar words of triumph
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How words are described

complete complete failure complete triumph
total total failure total triumph
resounding resounding failure resounding triumph
big big failure big triumph
Other adjectives: great, huge, artistic, ultimate, dramatic, apparent, temporary, inevitable, last, latest, eventual, greatest, aforementioned, biggest.

Both words in one sentence

  • Synopsis: "Friendship, failure and triumph in the Archadian Empire." A prequel to the events of the game, told mostly through the eyes of Vayne and Cid, although it does include chapters focusing on Balthier and Penelo.
  • Tell Fidel that this failure does not mean the end of the revolution, that it will triumph elsewhere.
  • Create Your Own Villain Batman's greatest triumph was to break the mob's hold on Gotham, and his greatest failure was attracting a bunch of psychopathic weirdos to take their place.
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