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Fake noun – One who makes false claims of identity or expertise.
Usage example: a hidden-camera investigation revealed that the so-called psychic was a fake

Impostor is a synonym for fake in true topic. In some cases you can use "Impostor" instead a noun "Fake", when it comes to topics like charlatan. popular alternative
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Impostor noun – One who makes false claims of identity or expertise.
Usage example: the man who claimed to be a prince turned out to be an impostor

Fake is a synonym for impostor in true topic. You can use "Fake" instead a noun "Impostor", if it concerns topics such as fraud, person pretending to be something else. popular alternative
Nearby Words: imposture, impost
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How words are described

alien alien fake alien impostor
convenient convenient fake convenient impostor
obvious obvious fake obvious impostor
real real fake real impostor
Other adjectives: evil, robotic.

Both words in one sentence

  • Shrouded in Myth Criminals were shown cowering in fear and immediately surrendering to an impostor when said impostor showed them his fake XIII tattoo and claimed he was the Black Cat.
  • In one rather painful scene, Frank Drebin tries to "expose" an impostor, eventually going so far as to sand off the "fake" mole on his buttocks.
  • Useful Notes / All the Little Germanies Or was Kaspar Hauser an impostor who died because he botched an attempt to fake an assassination attempt?
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