Fall and Increase


Fall noun - A change to a lower state or level.
Usage example: last night's record fall in temperature was a sure sign that winter's coming, like it or not

Increase is an antonym for fall in topics: drop, decrease, defeat, descend, descent.

Nearby Words: falling, fallen


Increase noun - Something added (as by growth).
Usage example: shortly after he turned 12, he had a sudden height increase

Fall is an antonym for increase in topics: decrease, add or grow.

How words are described

short short fall short increase
standard standard fall standard increase
many many fall many increase
simple simple fall simple increase
Other adjectives: small, actual, massive, large, big, huge, little, new, dramatic, general, minor, few, later, inevitable, sudden, resulting.

Common collocations

number fall number increase number
time fall time increase time
height fall height increase height
powers fall powers increase powers

Both words in one sentence

  • When you pull your legs up or increase the body bend, you will fall faster, and when you bend your legs downwards, you will fall slower.
  • Attempts to increase the overall amount of sexual content in a series fall under Hotter and Sexier.
    Source: Fanservice
  • Video Game / Tube-It An increase in blocks is one thing, but the fact the blocks fall insanely fast in later levels is something else.
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