Fall and Rising


Fall noun - The act or process of going to a lower level or altitude.
Usage example: panicked during his first unassisted fall when his parachute's rip cord didn't respond to the first tug

Rising is an antonym for fall.

Nearby Words: falling, fallen


Rising noun - The act or an instance of rising or climbing up.
Usage example: the rising of the sun

Fall is an antonym for rising.

Nearby Words: rise, risen

Both words in one sentence

  • With Pepper taking the fall, the police look like heroes, the mayor is seen as having a handle on the rising crime, and the mob doesn't have to deal with the extra police attention.
    Source: Fall Guy
  • As Gandalf explains, if Sauron wins his victory will be so complete that none can foresee his fall while the world lasts, but if he falls, he will fall so low that none can foresee him rising ever again.
  • Endless Corridor Not knowing that secret (both paths involve the temperature rising - winter, fall, spring, summer) can get you stuck.
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