False and Right


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False adjective – Not being in agreement with what is true.
Usage example: early reports about the explosion contained much false information

Right is an antonym for false in topics: incorrect, fake, wrong, dishonest.
Nearby Words: falsify, falsehood, falsity, falseness, falsification
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Right adjective – Following an original exactly.
Usage example: a modern replica of an 18th-century British warship that is right in all of its details

False is an antonym for right in topics: correct, fair, accurate.
Nearby Words: righteous, rightful, righted, rightly, righting
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Things that words describes

idea false idea right idea
eye false eye right eye

Both words in one sentence

  • If children have a right to be protected from false ideas, they have too a right to be succored by the truth.
  • He's well aware that the Changelings' Fantastic Racism is false and that ponies are completely in the right to fight back.
  • Video Game / Battletoads When you make it to Rat Race later on, the similar graphics lull you into a false sense of security; going back down should be much easier, right?
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