Falsity and Truth


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Falsity noun – A false idea or belief.
Usage example: a papal letter condemning secularism and other movements that the church considered to be falsities of the modern age

Truth is an antonym for falsity in dishonesty topic.
Nearby Words: false, falsify, falseness, falsified, falsification
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Truth noun – Agreement with fact or reality.
Usage example: there is no truth to the rumor that the couple is getting a divorce

Falsity is an antonym for truth in falsehood topic.
Nearby Words: truthful, truthfulness, truthfully, truthless
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  • Almost inevitably, the truth or falsity of the statement "Doing X is desirable" is subjective, and almost as inevitably, the subjective truth or falsity depends in whole or in part on X's consequences.
  • The truth or falsity of a statement is decided by the positive or negative consequences of it.
  • This is the classic "fruit of the poisoned tree." However, this is a legal or scientific standard regarding what evidence can be admitted; it has nothing to do with its truth or falsity.
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