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Family noun – One of the units into which a whole is divided on the basis of a common characteristic.
Usage example: the flute, the clarinet, the oboe, and other members of the woodwind family

Kind is a synonym for family in kin topic. In some cases you can use "Kind" instead a noun "Family", when it comes to topics like sort, species. popular alternative
Nearby Word: familial
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Kind noun – A number of persons or things that are grouped together because they have something in common.
Usage example: I like that kind of candy

Family is a synonym for kind in sort topic. You can use "Family" instead a noun "Kind", if it concerns topics such as people, class, breed, genus. popular alternative
Nearby Words: kindly, kindness, kindliness
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How words are described

old old family old kind
good good family good kind
nice nice family nice kind
normal normal family normal kind
Other adjectives: typical, complete, certain, original, friendly, true, single, small, powerful, entire, real, large, black, new, traditional, former, last, different.

Both words in one sentence

  • Torches and Pitchforks Survivor In Death has Eve encouraging Nadine to spin the story of the Swisher family's murders so that the murderers will look like the kind of monsters people chase with "torches and pitchforks".
  • Black and White Morality: All racism is equally reprehensible and exceptions are not, not, not to be made for family members, racist grandmas and people who seem 'like kind, intelligent people' apart from their racism (as kind, intelligent people are not racist).
  • Any kind of family-friendly blockbuster is going to have a cute character of some sort designed to appeal to children and sell toys to them.
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