Family and Lineage


Family noun - A group of persons who come from the same ancestor.
Usage example: the Adams family made remarkable contributions to American life for more than two centuries
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Synonyms for Family

Lineage is a synonym for family in kin topic. In some cases you can use "Lineage" instead a noun "Family", when it comes to topics like kinship, relationship, origin, ancestry. popular alternative

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Lineage noun - The line of ancestors from whom a person is descended.
Usage example: his Italian lineage was very important to him

Family is a synonym for lineage in ancestry topic. You can use "Family" instead a noun "Lineage", if it concerns topics such as people, kin, kinship, relationship. popular alternative

Nearby Word: line

How words are described

old old family old lineage
good good family good lineage
rich rich family rich lineage
complete complete family complete lineage
Other adjectives: certain, original, noble, true, entire, real, huge, evil, aristocratic, criminal, famous, ancient, crazy, imperial, remaining, different, surviving, prestigious.

Both words in one sentence

  • Series / The Musketeers The Unfavorite: Athos implies that he filled this role in his well-to-do family, especially after he married Milady, who seemingly appeared out of nowhere with no traceable family or lineage.
  • Manga / Akuma no Riddle The Kuzunoha family is the opposite to the Azuma family, who adopt people from all over instead of going just by blood lineage.
  • The people in fact, are so fond of her that they choose to protect her even after her lineage is revealed, even though she is not a real member of the royal family.
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