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Family noun – A group of persons who come from the same ancestor.
Usage example: the Adams family made remarkable contributions to American life for more than two centuries

People is a synonym for family in humankind topic. In some cases you can use "People" instead a noun "Family", when it comes to topics like kin, society, relations. dated substitute
Nearby Word: familial
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People noun – A group of persons who come from the same ancestor.
Usage example: introduced my new boyfriend to my people

Family is a synonym for people in human beings topic. You can use "Family" instead a noun "People", if it concerns topics such as society.
Nearby Words: peopled, peopling
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How words are described

old old family old people
good good family good people
rich rich family rich people
nice nice family nice people
Other adjectives: normal, ordinary, certain, dead, poor, powerful, actual, real, evil, little, black, living, innocent, happy, famous, white, new, crazy, different.

Both words in one sentence

  • Literature / Anne of Green Gables Dead Guy Junior: Most of Anne's kids are named after dead people or family/friends.
  • Literature / Temeraire The only exceptions are his family and people who have known him since childhood.
  • Series / Vikings Grey and Grey Morality: Ragnar is a murderous Viking raider, but he's protective of his people and family.
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