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Famous adjective – Widely known.
Honored is a synonym for famous in respected topic. In some cases you can use "Honored" instead an adjective "Famous", when it comes to topics like legendary.
Nearby Words: fame, famously, famed, famousness
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Honored adjective – Having an illustrious reputation; respected.
Famous is a synonym for honored in respected topic. You can use "Famous" instead an adjective "Honored".
Nearby Words: honor, honour, honorable, honoured, honorably
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  • Historical Beauty Update A man remarks how all the depictions of a famous scientist's girlfriend follow that trope (the scientist asked that his name not be honored through memorials and such, so the people resort to honoring her instead).
  • Video Game / Ace Combat Zero: The Belkan War Many may think this is a Shout-Out to Super Dimension Fortress Macross, but with the exception of the skull and crossbones it is in fact a replica of the real life VF-84, the famous squadron Roy's Veritech fighter honored.
  • Defictionalization Originally, the titular starship was to be named Constitution, after the famous and undefeated US sailing ship, but changed the ship name to Enterprise (also a series of honored naval vessels) and left "Constitution" as the ship's class name.
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