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Fantastic adjective – Not real and existing only in the imagination.
Usage example: a science fiction writer who can conjure up fantastic worlds and make them seem as real as our own

Imaginary is a synonym for fantastic in ideal topic. In some cases you can use "Imaginary" instead an adjective "Fantastic", when it comes to topics like vision, real, frail, mythical.
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Imaginary adjective – Not real and existing only in the imagination.
Usage example: told by the psychologist that it was perfectly normal for their child to have an imaginary friend

Fantastic is a synonym for imaginary in ideal topic. You can use "Fantastic" instead an adjective "Imaginary", if it concerns topics such as vision, real, frail, unreal.
Nearby Words: imagination, imaginative
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Things that words describes

people fantastic people imaginary people
creature fantastic creature imaginary creature
series fantastic series imaginary series
show fantastic show imaginary show
Other nouns: episode, characters, world, game, story, book, version, stories, powers, creatures, worlds, adventures, beings.

Both words in one sentence

  • Anime / Paranoia Agent There appears to exist a sort-of 'imaginary realm' that reclassifies real things and people as fantastic characters and items, such as Maniwa's golden bat becoming a sword.
  • Magic A Is Magic A Works heavy on speculative elements, such as Science Fiction and Fantasy, often have an assortment of fantastic intangibles we cannot even dream of encountering in Real Life — yet act in a completely consistent way, as if governed by imaginary rules of physics.
  • Chess with Death The devil describes in fantastic detail how he can instantaneously appear anywhere, any time; how he can zip into and out of parallel universes, imaginary dimensions, impossible situations.
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