Fantastic and Ridiculous


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Fantastic adjective – Conceived or made without regard for reason or reality.
Usage example: a fantastic scheme for getting rich quick

Ridiculous is a synonym for fantastic in strange topic. In some cases you can use "Ridiculous" instead an adjective "Fantastic", when it comes to topics like unrealistic.
Nearby Words: fantasy, fantastically, fantastical
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Ridiculous adjective – So foolish or pointless as to be worthy of scornful laughter.
Usage example: a movie thriller with such a ridiculous plot that it gets only guffaws from audiences

Fantastic is a synonym for ridiculous in stupid topic. Sometimes you can use "Fantastic" instead an adjective "Ridiculous".
Nearby Words: ridicule, ridiculed, ridiculousness, ridiculing, ridiculously
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Things that words describes

ability fantastic ability ridiculous ability
idea fantastic idea ridiculous idea
plot fantastic plot ridiculous plot
series fantastic series ridiculous series
Other nouns: way, example, characters, story, journey, damage, version, movie, names, events, stories, powers, examples, feats.

Both words in one sentence

  • Series / America's Got Talent Crazy Enough to Work: A lot of acts are either so fantastic, or so ridiculous, that there's no way they can succeed, but they do.
  • Comments: Normally, pure fluff fics like this one leave me with a skeptical look on my face and a desire for something less ridiculous, but this one was a fantastic waste of ten minutes.
  • Everyone seems so terrified of making their character a Mary Sue that they're going to ridiculous heights to make their characters/plots blandly average... even in genres and settings where everyone having some measure of the fantastic is not only forgivable, but preferred.
    Source: Cliché Storm
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