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Fashion verb – To change (something) so as to make it suitable for a new use or situation.
Usage example: the ex-governor seems to be fashioning his political beliefs to win favor with a more conservative national electorate

Prepare is a synonym for fashion. In some cases you can use "Prepare" instead a verb "Fashion".
Nearby Words: fashionable, fashioned, fashioning, fash, fashionably
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Prepare verb – To put (something) into proper and usually carefully worked out written form.
Usage example: the CEO asked his assistant to prepare a statement for the press

Fashion is a synonym for prepare in make or get ready topic. Sometimes you can use "Fashion" instead a verb "Prepare", if it concerns topics such as make ready.
Nearby Words: prepared, preparation, prep, preparing, preparedness
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Common collocations

body fashion body prepare body
society fashion society prepare society
humans fashion humans prepare humans

Both words in one sentence

  • Video Game / TIE Fighter Prepare to Die: Done several times by the Empire in all its usual glory, most notably when Darth Vader executes the traitorous Admiral Harkov in his usual fashion.Darth Vader: Now you shall pay for your treachery!
  • Bad Liar Ian helps him prepare for a situation where he has to lie by drawing on Henry's experience as an actor in college: by rehearsing lies before hand, Henry can then lie convincingly (albeit in a somewhat hammy fashion).
    Source: Bad Liar
  • Hilarity Ensues as the two parties of strange bedfellows prepare for war on the IPO gang.This film contains examples of: Anti-Hero: Pearly is a rather charismatic crook who runs a legitimate fashion shop and is the main protagonist and a driving force in the war against the IPO mob.
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