Fatality and Victim


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Fatality noun – A person or thing harmed, lost, or destroyed.
Usage example: the grim reminder that every holiday weekend inevitably results in a slew of highway fatalities

Victim is a synonym for fatality in casualty topic. In some cases you can use "Victim" instead a noun "Fatality", when it comes to topics like death. popular alternative
Nearby Words: fatal, fatalistic, fatalism, fatally, fatalist
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Victim noun – A person or thing harmed, lost, or destroyed.
Usage example: helped the victims of the fire

Fatality is a synonym for victim in casualty topic. You can use "Fatality" instead a noun "Victim", if it concerns topics such as dead person, preyed upon. popular alternative
Nearby Words: victimize, victimise, victimization, victimized, victimised
Synonyms for Victim

How words are described

human human fatality human victim
particular particular fatality particular victim
original original fatality original victim
single single fatality single victim
Other adjectives: actual, real, big, final, apparent, last, on-screen.

Both words in one sentence

  • Grievous Harm with a Body Kung Lao also has a fatality where he produces a rabbit from his hat... and proceeds to beat his victim to death with it.
  • And Show It to You In Mortal Kombat X, Kotal Khan's fatality has him cut a hole in his victim's chest, rip out their heart, hold it up high and pop it with a squeeze so that he can drink their blood.
  • Video Game / Mortal Kombat X Those... things that erupt from the victim's body in Corrupted Shinnok's fatality.
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