Father and Son


Father noun - A person who is several generations earlier in an individual's line of descent.
Usage example: our fathers founded this nation on the fundamental belief that no person is entitled to rule by divine right

Son is an antonym for father.


Son noun - A male human offspring.
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Synonyms for Son

Father is an antonym for son.

How words are described

beloved beloved father beloved son
loving loving father loving son
human human father human son
old old father old son
Other adjectives: good, foster, dying, dead, single, actual, real, evil, little, young, new, deceased, late, missing, surrogate, said, estranged, older, adopted, biological.

Both words in one sentence

  • Affectionate Nickname In The A-Team, Hannibal sometimes calls Face "kid." Granted, he's old enough to be Face's father, but it also underlines the quasi-father/son relationship that they have.
  • When the trophy is being given to the best father/son pair in town, Pete assumes he is the best father.
  • Parental Substitute: Longfinger to Tiny — of all the various versions of the franchise, this is the one that shows their surrogate father/son bond the strongest.
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