Favor and Kindness


Favor noun - An act of kind assistance.
Usage example: a good and generous friend who is always doing favors for others

Kindness is a synonym for favor in good will topic. In some cases you can use "Kindness" instead a noun "Favor", when it comes to topics like help, approval, give, courtesy. popular alternative

Nearby Words: favored, favoring, favorer


Kindness noun - An act of kind assistance.
Usage example: what a kindness to allow us to use your car for the funeral

Favor is a synonym for kindness (American) in good will topic. You can use "Favor" instead a noun "Kindness", if it concerns topics such as help, give, service, courtesy. popular alternative

Nearby Words: kind, kindly, kindliness

Both words in one sentence

  • His kindness does play in favor for him creating devotion from his followers that cruelty would likely not.
  • The Heartless Rimmerworld, which is populated entirely by descendants of Rimmer who have weeded out any trace of bravery, kindness or loyalty, in favor of all of Rimmer's worst qualities.
    Source: The Heartless
  • While much of Margaery Tyrell's apparent kindness is still an act to gain her favor with the people and the other characters, on the show she seems to be genuinely fond of Sansa Stark.
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