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Favorite adjective – Granted special treatment or attention.
Usage example: that teacher claims not to have any favorite students, although many in the class would disagree

Prized and favorite are semantically related. in preferred topic. In some cases you can use "Prized" instead the word "Favorite" as an adjective or a noun.
Nearby Words: favored, favoritism
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Defintions of Prized not found.
Favorite and prized are semantically related. You can use "Favorite" instead the word "Prized" as an adjective or a noun.
Nearby Words: prize, prizing, prised
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  • Fanfic / A New World, A New Way Fifty years beforehand a Griffin ambassador accidentally stepped on the Emperors most prized and favorite plants, and Carapace threatened to declare war against the Griffins because of that.
  • Divorce Assets Conflict Bob, feeling a need to retaliate, demands all of those things plus Alice's prized collection of autographed photographs of her favorite Soap Opera stars!
  • After nearly two centuries of life as one of Faerie Queen Titania's prized wolves and a handful of years as a Roaring Twenties mob boss's favorite enforcer, he's now exiled to New York, making rent doing dirty jobs for other fey outcasts.
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