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Fell adjective – Violently unfriendly or aggressive in disposition.
Usage example: Captain Cook died in a scuffle with some fell natives of the Hawaiian Islands

Inhuman is a synonym for fell in kind topic. In some cases you can use "Inhuman" instead an adjective "Fell", when it comes to topics like cruel.
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Inhuman adjective – Having or showing the desire to inflict severe pain and suffering on others.
Usage example: a classic sociological study showing just how inhuman an individual can become when given absolute power over another

Fell is a synonym for inhuman in kind topic. You can use "Fell" instead an adjective "Inhuman", if it concerns topics such as animal.
Nearby Words: inhumane, inhumanity, inhumanely, inhumanly
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  • There's also Colonel O'Neill's reaction to youkai, and the people of Cerberus regard him as an inhuman monster because he carries Ancient genes.In Walk Through the Valley, Kenshin fell prey to this (see Red-Headed Stepchild below for details).
  • Love Cannot Overcome: POD's pilot's girlfriend, Darja, fell out of love with her and broke up, not being able to handle the inhuman nature of POD.
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