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Fiction noun – Something that is the product of the imagination.
Usage example: most stories about famous outlaws of the Old West are fictions that have little or nothing to do with fact

Narrative is a synonym for fiction in language topic. In some cases you can use "Narrative" instead a noun "Fiction", when it comes to topics like made-up story.
Nearby Words: fictitious, fictional, fictionally
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Narrative noun – A relating of events usually in the order in which they happened.
Fiction is a synonym for narrative in story topic. You can use "Fiction" instead a noun "Narrative", if it concerns topics such as language.
Nearby Words: narrate, narration, narrator, narrated, narrating
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How words are described

good good fiction good narrative
common common fiction common narrative
short short fiction short narrative
complete complete fiction complete narrative
Other adjectives: original, straight, popular, actual, entire, real, serious, dark, interesting, straightforward, new, traditional, general, introductory, visual, comic, historical.

Both words in one sentence

  • Unusually for the genre, the game features elaborate Story Branching in response to the player's decisions, as the game is a Deconstruction Game of various interactive fiction tropes and video game narrative.
  • Edson once hung a lampshade on a particularly amazing coincidence by saying in the narrative that it was such an unlikely one that no writer of fiction would ever include it in a story.
  • Bunker Woman Lastly, while this trope is generally tied closely to the major narrative of a work of fiction, it also sometimes appears in passing within TV and film.
    Source: Bunker Woman
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