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Fiction noun – Something that is the product of the imagination.
Usage example: most stories about famous outlaws of the Old West are fictions that have little or nothing to do with fact

Story is a synonym for fiction in tale topic. In some cases you can use "Story" instead a noun "Fiction", when it comes to topics like true, language, article, real. popular alternative
Nearby Words: fictitious, fictional, fictionally
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Story noun – A statement known by its maker to be untrue and made in order to deceive.
Usage example: she tells stories just to get attention, so don't believe that stuff about her father being somebody important

Fiction is a synonym for story in lie topic. You can use "Fiction" instead a noun "Story", if it concerns topics such as account, true, tale, article. popular alternative
Nearby Words: storey, storied, storyline
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How words are described

old old fiction old story
good good fiction good story
best best fiction best story
typical typical fiction typical story
Other adjectives: short, original, romantic, popular, actual, entire, real, great, serious, little, bad, dark, interesting, new, early, fantastic, later, classic, comic, recent, earlier, published.

Both words in one sentence

  • Nested Story Reveal A metafictionally oriented work may point out that the nested story is no less real than the framing story: they're both still fiction, only on different levels of the overall plot.
  • Named Weapons Older Than Dirt: In the New Kingdom Egyptian story of the conquest of Joppa, a fiction that may or may not be based on a true story, the Pharaoh Men-kheper-Re has a named staff/cane.
    Source: Named Weapons
  • Contrast to Kinetic Weapons Are Just Better, which is when the fiction uses weapons just like or similar to Real Life Weapons despite the tech level of the story.
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